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Welcome to 
Lauren Zwonik's Music Studio

Private music lessons in Newport News, Virginia

I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to study a subject that they are interested in with a passionate mentor to help guide to growth and success.

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Are you ready to have a new-found motivation to practice?

Are you ready for your hard work to pay off in auditions?

Are you ready to experience no pain when you play your instrument?

Are you ready to produce a beautiful tone, solid technique, and reach a new level of expression and artistry?

Are you ready to find and understand beauty of music through new concepts?

Are you ready to find new confidence and believe in yourself?

Are you ready to create a practice plan to fit your needs and goals?

Be the change you wish to see in the wor

that's where I come in!

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Through taking lessons, you will:

  • Develop fundamental flute skills such as a clear tone, articulation, vibrato, and general instrumental techniques.

  • Understand basic music theory and history.


  • Study a variety of genres such as Classical, Baroque, Romantic, Contemporary, Jazz, and Movie Scores!

  • Form meaningful relationships with other students in the flute studio. 


  • Perform in a variety of solo and chamber ensemble opportunities in both studio and community outreach events.


  • Create connections between their music and other interests in their life.

How does it work?



Book Your Trial Lesson

Meet with me during your complimentary trial lesson; we will get to know each other, talk about your music goals, and of course play our instruments!  Bring a piece, (Bach to Beyonce) that you've been recently learning and LOVE to play!



Flute Feedback

After our first lesson together, we will meet to discuss your unique learning style and further dive into your flute goals!  We will go over the studio policies, pick out repertoire, and sign the contract!


Work Hard, Play Hard!

The instruction then begins!  This weekly time is dedicated for YOUR musical journey!  We will dive right in to cultivate and grow your music skills in your instrument!

What Would You Like to Know More About?


More about Myself and 

my Teaching Philosophy!

I am Ready to Book

My Trial Lesson!

Specific Questions

and Inquires?


My Teaching Philosophy

Thank you to Francesca Leo for interview

I believe that it is my calling as a teacher to provide students with the tools and resources they need to further their musical journey and education.  I was incredibly fortunate to begin my music education with private flute lessons in elementary school, starting my musical interests way before beginning band was offered as a class!


This individualized instruction every week motivated me at the young age of 10 to practice and perform music with a higher level of curiosity and creativity.  Private instruction allows

greater depth in musical concepts while building long-lasting


           Today, I offer my students the private instruction they

            deserve to grow exponentially in a subject they enjoy.

I believe that it is my duty as a private teacher to inspire students with

a wide range of both traditional and modern flute concepts.  The arts are expanding each day with new collaborations, extended techniques, and styles to perform.  Students work on several different genres of music while studying with me.  Who says flutists can't learn about learning Broadway and pop music, too?

                                                                 Creating a student-centered learning environment allows students to                                                                      dictate the path of their musical learning.  For example, some students                                                                    enjoy the building blocks of music theory and history of their pieces in                                                                    lessons while others yearn to learn about musicality and emotional                                                                          connections to their music.

                                                                   The individualized lesson structure breaks down traditional                                                         education barriers, rather, allowing students to determine

                                              their own paths in private lessons.


Growing up in a thriving musical community, I always felt that I was a part of something larger than myself.  I was a part of a team to perform and deliver beautiful music to family, friends, peers and the greater community.  My studio thrives on knowing they belong to a larger community of flutists, leaders, thinkers, and go-getters.






Aside from their weekly private lessons, students are actively engaged

in outside ensembles and performances.  Each year during the winter months, the studio goes

flute caroling in a local retirement home or hospital.  In these performances, students gain the opportunity to perform in their pre-determined flute duets, trios, and all-studio flute choir.  These chamber ensembles rehearse once a month to expand skills in both ensemble repertoire and communication skills with fellow peers.  Plus, the students select the carols that we perform and coordinate their holiday outfits!

As one of their largest cheerleaders, I challenge my students to go out of their comfort zones.  During the                                                                        yearly Spring Flute Recital, each student has the opportunity to work on                                                                  communication skills by presenting notes about the history of their                                                                          pieces, introduce performers, or present a reflection to the audience on                                                                    their year in music.

                                                                 I encourage each student to audition for section leader positions in                                                                          school bands, their youth orchestras, and audition for local, state and                                                                      regional music festivals and competitions.  Each semester I offer a                                                                            multi-hour clinic to prepare students for All-State, youth orchestra, and competition auditions.  You'd better believe that there is quite a bit of moving, Flute Jeopardy, games, and funny analogies (did you know the flute can sound a whole lot like a train?) for even more laughter and fun during lessons and special events!

The best learning occurs when both the student and the teacher feel trusted,

respected, and can sense engagement. I expect my students to come to each

lesson prepared, curious, and ready to learn. 


My studio is a safe space, and I have zero tolerance for bias, conflict, or

negative criticism towards oneself or others in the studio.

My private studio is an environment of experimentation, reflection, and growth toward life-long and musical goals.

This book was such an interesting read o

I want you to know and feel 

that you belong.

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Ready to join my music studio?

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Lauren Zwonik, Flutist | Private Woodwind Lessons in Newport News, Virginia

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